Programmatic Parity

  • For Publishers: Get on an equal technological footing with your demand partners. Gain the intelligence and the automation you need to efficiently manage a multi-partner demand strategy. Bring all of your selected partners together to compete impression by impression so you can earn the most revenue.
  • For the Industry: Contango is an enablement tool to more easily connect with publishers whose inventory you value. Every serious buyer gets a first look and an equal look at inventory, and the chance to truly show performance on a level programmatic playing field.

Contango empowers publishers with an easy-to-use software to optimize their SSP, Exchange, Network and Advertiser integrations and relationships — ensuring that every impression is sold at its highest possible value.

Contango’s SmartWrapper gives us much needed visibility and control over our Header Bidding partnerships while decreasing page load time, increasing overall inventory, and ensuring a positive user experience. The platform solves for the lack of transparency of how these partners perform by providing in-depth partner level reporting including bidding, winning, and response rates which makes it easier to maximize the value of each relationship. We also saw a 12% improvement in page load time from the moment we began using them.

— Steve Rubinstein, COO



Unify Fragmented Demand

Contango simplifies managing your demand partners easier than ever before. Now publishers can simplify both the integration and maintenance of their wide breadth of revenue partners (e.g., SSPs, exchanges, DSPs, networks and advertisers) using only a single wrapper tag.

Sequential vs. Concurrent Auctions

Sequential auctions (or “Daisy Chaining”) is a suboptimal method to increase competition and revenue. Unlike the impression loss inherent with sequential auctions, Contango’s SmartWrapper feature enables publishers to maximize their revenue using the new Header Bidding solution, which offers concurrent auctions across all demand partners.



100% Publisher Focus = 0 Conflicts

Many sell-side vendors offer revenue maximization tools beyond their own marketplace. Nearly all of their revenue models put them in conflict with the interests of publishers. Contango offers a ZERO-commission Software-as-a-Service solution to enable you to increase your revenues by getting the highest value for each impression.


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