Technorati, a company of advertising specialists advocating for publishers for the last 10 years, has developed Contango, a new software technology that promises to bring parity to programmatic as well as improve publisher performances across the demand partner marketplace.
Through our first-hand experience of the challenges publishers face in programmatic and a proven track record building scaled technology to address those challenges, Contango will put the publisher’s needs first.
A multi partner strategy is important to publishers who want to maximize yield. But implementing and managing multiple partners is time consuming and not well supported by current platforms.
Contango was developed to solve these issues. Contango has no inherent conflict of interest (no commissions and fully neutral to the winning platform/partner because it’s priced simply as software as a service). With Contango, publishers can be assured they’re getting the maximum return for their opportunity.

About the platform

Contango provides publishers with a technology platform for aggregating and managing demand across SSPs, Exchanges, and Networks. By unifying demand and eliminating the inefficiencies of the daisy chain, Contango ensures that every impression is sold at its highest possible value. And while we integrate with exchanges, we don’t run our own. We have only your best interests at heart.

Contango Key Benefits:

  • Manage Header Bidding demand partner integrations with a single container tag
  • Pass dynamically generated bids from multiple partners into a publisher’s adserver for concurrent evaluation
  • Control ad quality parameter, price floors, and blocks in a single interface

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