With Contango’s SmartWrapper technology, publishers now have a tool built for their needs to manage and maximize header bidding partnerships leading to higher revenues while avoiding the pitfalls.

The leading header bidding management and analytics tool for publishers


Reduce implementation overhead

A single tag to streamline the implementation and management of header bidding partners eliminating the need of costly development resources.


Control page latency

Publisher side timeout controls enable publishers to maximize header bidding partners without sacrificing user experience.


Access comprehensive analytics

In depth consolidated reporting provides partner performance metrics and transparency across all header bidding integrations allowing for enhanced accountability and optimization.

Contango’s SmartWrapper gives us much needed visibility and control over our Header Bidding partnerships while decreasing page load time, increasing overall inventory, and ensuring a positive user experience. The platform solves for the lack of transparency of how these partners perform by providing in-depth partner level reporting including bidding, winning, and response rates which makes it easier to maximize the value of each relationship. We also saw a 12% improvement in page load time from the moment we began using them.

— Steve Rubinstein, COO


Pricing Model

Contango eliminates the conflict of interest inherent in many ad technology platforms by not buying and selling inventory in its own exchange. The Contango technology platform is licensed via a software as a service subscription as opposed to a commission or rev-share basis.

How it works

SmartWrapper takes advantage of all the benefits of Header Bidding, while eliminating key pain points.

Header Bidding without SmartWrapper

In a typical Header Bidding set up, a publisher will integrate code from each of their Header Bidding demand partners into the header of their websites. When the browser is loaded, the code calls to the Header Bidding demand partners, who in turn submit bids for the impressions available on the page. Those bids are passed into the publisher’s ad server prior to the execution of the impression auction. While more competitive than a daisy chain setup, Header Bidding requires engineering resources to install each partner, lacks performance transparency, and makes adding additional demand more complex.

Header Bidding with SmartWrapper

Header Bidding executed through SmartWrapper reduces publisher installation costs, empowers partner performance transparency, and makes adding additional demand simpler. With SmartWrapper, publishers install a single tag on their header. When the page loads, this tag calls out to all of the Header Bidding demand partners, which collects the bids and passes them to the ad server. The process allows for reporting, analytics, and optimizations to be performed on demand partners — something not offered in the typical Header Bidding set up.

Advantages supported by SmartWrapper

  • Expanded 1st look equality
  • Bid requests run in parallel
  • Provides additional demand at dynamic prices
  • Increases bid pressure on ADX
  • Doesn’t require an RTB installation on publisher’s side
  • Opens demand partnership opportunities within DFP
  • Allows for multi-platform PMPs to all get 1st look bid opportunities

Disadvantages eliminated by SmartWrapper

  • Slowest responder (before time out) determines speed for all
  • Latency can hang pages and cause impression loss
  • Requires development work by Publisher
  • The lack of controls or visibility to individual partner win rate, response time, time outs, etc.
  • No throttling capabilities
  • Data Leakage

SmartWrapper Sample Reports

sample-winning-cpmWinning CPM Distribution
sample-daily-summarySample Daily Summary

SmartWrapper Key Benefits

  • Easily integrates and manages multiple demand sources through Header Bidding.
  • Expand partnerships and receive more dynamic bids that can be evaluated concurrently, as opposed to sequentially.
  • Provides transparency and a unified view of performance across demand partners.
  • Assists a publisher in auto-throttling partners based on performance.
  • Reduces latency by holding demand sources accountable for fast response times and bid values.

About Contango

Contango is a programmatic software tool that allows publishers to ensure yield is maximized across every impression, while minimizing the administration burden and costs of managing fragmented demand. We don’t replace your existing relationships with exchanges, SPPs and advertisers. We enable you to get even more from these important partners.

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